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Welcome to AV Water Systems

Here at AV Water, we have made steady progress in upgrading our skills and equipment in order to serve you better. Your positive response towards our changes inspires us to do even more. We thank you for supporting us this past 40 years. AV Water is committed in bringing you the safest, purest and most refreshing water available in the market today.

At AV Water, we are always attuned to the latest trends in terms of systems and technology in the water industry. Our aim is to provide you with different alternatives so that you enjoy the purest water at a price that is within your budget. Call AV Water today for a FREE, no obligation evaluation of your water system. We will test your water source and recommend an appropriate system based on test results and your budget.

AV Water is the premiere water systems provider in the Niagara Region. We proudly service the areas of Niagara Falls, Thorold, St. Catharines, Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie and other surrounding areas. To check if we service you area, please call 905-892-5390.

AV Water Delivers

AVWater Systems delivers to Niagara Falls, Thorold, Welland, St. Catharines and surrounding areas. Call us to verify we deliver to your place.

Restore a Healthy Balance

The body prefers an alkaline balance. Diet and stress causes acids to build up in the body, resulting in weight gain and contributing to health problems.

Alkaline Water Can Help:

Neutralize acidity, support pH balance, maintain strong bones, and promote healthy weight loss. Contact AV Water Systems today to find out more.

Natural Detoxification

A healthy body produces enzymes that provide natural detoxification. Toxins and oxidative acids break those enzymes down.

Powerful Hydration

Ordinary water molecule clusters are very large. The body has to break them down before they can be absorbed.

Alkaline Ionized Water is Micro Clustered

Large molecule clusters are broken down, easier to absorb, cells hydrate quickly, and improves athletic hydration and recovery

Alkaline Water Detoxification

Provides powerful antioxidants, binds to toxins, and optimizes detoxification enzymes. Contact AV Water Systems today to find out more.

AV Water System Serves:

Thorold, Welland, Grimsby, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Niagara Falls, St.Catharines, Wainfleet, West Lincoln, Caledonia, Smithville, Stoney Creek, Fenwick, Ridgeville, Chippawa, Stevensville, Sherkston, Crystal Beach, St.Davids, Queenston, Fonthill, Dain City, Port Robinson, Ridgeway, Virgil, Dunnville, Hagersville, Wellandport, Lowbanks, Canfield, Beamsville, Binbrook, Cayuga, Nelles Corners, York, Caistor Centre, Bismark, Campden, Vineland, Jordan, Grassie, Winona, Woodburn, St.Annes, Long Beach, Byng, Winger, Decewsville, Selkirk, Port Maitland, Fisherville, Kohler, Nanticoke, Gasline, Fulton, Brantford, Oshweken, New Credit, Jarvis, Cheapside, Nanticoke, Middleport, Rainham, Southern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Central Ontario, Niagara Region, Haldimand Region, Norfolk Region, Brantford, Brant Region, Cambridge, Flamborough, Guelph, Freelton, Cooks mills, Hamilton, Burlington, Simcoe, Dundas, Ancaster, Jarvis, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford, Kilbride.

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