Washing laundry in stain free water has proven more effective than doing laundry in water that has Iron content and sulphur (the rotten egg smell). No matter the amount of laundry soap or detergent used it will not remove the constant Iron staining or sulphur (the rotten egg smell) from your water. On clothing that has continuous Iron staining may cause fiber deterioration, wearing out at a faster rate, nothing looks really clean and nothing is clean. Laundry washed in Excalibur Water Systems stain free water will be brighter, cleaner and last longer.

Dish Washing
Here too the stain free water makes dishes and glassware shine eliminating etching, staining and sulphur (the rotten egg smell) from your water supply. When using stain free water your glassware and dishes look clean, smell clean and last longer.

House Cleaning
Stain free water cuts the time required to do house cleaning in half. Stain free water only requires a quick once over in cleaning sinks, bath tubs, shower tiles and plumbing fixtures as no more Iron staining and sulphur (the rotten egg smell) will be present.

Plumbing & Appliances
Iron staining and sulphur (the rotten egg smell) has an adverse effect on appliances and plumbing systems that can cause deterioration and wear in dishwashers, hot water tanks and washing machines caused by Iron and sulphur (the rotten smell) buildup that will shorten the life span of your appliances.