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AV Water Systems Services

We provide three main services:
1. Retail bottled water pick up or U-Fill
2. Bottled and Bulk water delivery
3. Water treatment systems

RETAIL – Pure refreshing Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline and Distilled drinking water is produced on site fresh daily. Our water is lab certified and tested daily in order to provide exceptional quality at the best price. Water bottles are pre-sanitized and pre-filled for your convenience!  Visit one of our retail locations and taste the difference!

DELIVERY – As one of Niagara’s largest bottlers, we also offer convenient bottled water delivery right to your door! From Grimsby to Fort Erie, from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie and everywhere in between.  AV Water Systems’ friendly team is ready to provide convenient delivery to your home and/or business. Our prices are competitive and the quality of our water is second to none. Call today and drink your water clean!

We can also take care of all your commercial and industrial needs for bulk distilled water in  200L/55 gal. Drum and 1000L/250 gal. Tote delivered right to your door.  AV Water Systems is the leading supplier of distilled water in the Niagara Region.  There are many industrial and commercial applications where distilled water is used for various processes.

WATER TREATMENT – As your local Excalibur Water Systems Dealer you are assured that our water treatment systems are absolutely the best on the market! You can enjoy our same great clean refreshing taste right at your kitchen sink and it is as easy as turning on your faucet! Specific water problems like chlorine, hardness, excessive iron, bacteria and offensive tastes and odors can be easily remedied with a whole home water treatment appliance designed for these specific water problems. Call today for our no charge in home water test and consultation. We can help you find the best solution for treating your water and moving towards a healthier lifestyle. At AV Water we make water clearly better!