Excalibur EWS Series

Commercial Water Softeners by Excalibur Water Systems prevent scale buildup in boilers but also are useful for cooling tower filters, food preparation, and food processing. They are available in a wide range of flow rates.

Excalibur’s commercial water softeners offer user-friendly advanced electronic high-efficiency designs with high flow rates, enhanced system reliability and channeling avoidance by combining up to six vessels with a smart valve controller so no custom design or engineering is required.

Excalibur offers single-vessel (Simplex) systems for applications that do not require high flow rates. To handle larger requirements, Excalibur builds Duplex (two vessels in parallel). Beyond two-vessel systems, Excalibur builds triplex (3), quadplex (4), fiveplex (5) and sixplex (6) progressive flow systems to handle high flow rates, 24/7 operation, and high resilience to failure.

Excalibur uses high-quality Canadian resins from Aldex and Excalibur programmable valves to build reliable, resilient, high-capacity systems with very high flow capacity (up to 2000 gpm), suppied off the shelf – no design engineering required.



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